~ Grow Tall ~

No thing is ever still, forever moving and changing form. 

No thing is ever the same, forever breaking our notions of the norm. 

No thing can ever remain, even the greatest love of all. 

Even the mightiest monument that we are told will never fall. 

Even that which stands the test of time, one day, shall crumble like a hollow wall. 

Even Time itself, a man-made construct, the biggest lie of them all. 

Oh, the futility of a world so small! 

Grow tall. 

Grow tall. 

Grow tall in the gift of the Present Moment because: 

Abundance is created when we pay certainty no homage; 

The Ego is deflated when this Truth is acknowledged; 

Transcendence has awaited you on the other side of perceived knowledge. 

Find it and grow tall. 

Do not even try to lay dormant through it all. 

All is This Moment. Seize it and grow tall.

© Sahar's Mad World

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