~ Identity ~

The more I think I know myself, the more I learn I actually don’t know anything at all. 
Especially about myself. 
I am not who I think I am. 
Or who I say I am. 
Though I have spent this…

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~ Sahar's Mad World Epiphany #642 ~

The true test of my faith is to learn to love the seemingly unlovable. 
It is one thing to make a beautiful blanket statement about it, but quite another to embody that love in the face of a situation where…

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~ Exit Sign ~

I took this photo of an exit sign today. It made me laugh at myself as I really feel I am the embodiment of this little green person dashing out the door. 
I started to think about how I don’t…

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~ Wisdom Streaks ~

Why is a man with grey hair considered to be “distinguished” yet a woman with grey hair is considered to have “let herself go”? 

Ok, so I ask this question of women and they say “yeah, it’s so wrong…

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