~ I Am ~

I am fearlessly afraid 

I am courageously coward 

I am blatantly vague 

I am subserviently empowered 

I am proudly ashamed 

I am significantly irrelevant 

I am ferociously tamed 

I am brutally benevolent 

I am supremely unexceptional 

I am routinely unconventional 

~ Future Self ~

Please wait for me 

I'll catch on eventually 

I'll match up intellectually 

I'll scratch off the scabs and bleed 

Then patch up all the dents I leave 

So latch up all the spirits I freed 

For you are the only…

~ Grow Tall ~

No thing is ever still, forever moving and changing form. 

No thing is ever the same, forever breaking our notions of the norm. 

No thing can ever remain, even the greatest love of all. 

Even the mightiest monument that we…

~ Cup of Life ~

My cup is overflowing 

Without me even knowing 

An outpour of stories, experience and intentions 

Form a stream of surging wisdom that fills and extensions 

Into a river of blood that bleeds out what is redundant 

Turns to oceans of…

~ The Moon is a Goddess & The Sun is a God ~

The Moon is a Goddess 
Sometimes she lights up the darkness 
Piercing through the sky 
Making you wonder why other times she hides away from you 
She has a cycle 
There is time to cleanse 
A time…

~ That Woman ~

The quintessential “too much” woman 
The “whistle blower” woman 
The “no I won’t sit down” woman 
The “no I won’t make myself small so you don’t feel threatened by my power” woman 
The “I won’t tolerate injustice in my presence”…

~ Found Someone ~

I finally found someone who 
Loves me 
Understands me 
Knows what I like 
Gives me what I need 
Puts me first 
Makes time for me 
Stimulates my mind 
Sets my soul free 
Nurtures my spirit 
Gets my creative juices flowing …

~ Healing ~

I release you, Pain 
I release you, Fear 
I release you, Doubt 

I release you into the wilderness 
That place where you and everything came from 
Is that place where you and everything shall return 
You were a guest here …

~ Don’t Look At Me ~

Don’t look at me 
I’m too real 
Too fake 
Too crazy 
Too normal 
Too different 
Too boring 
Too wild 
Too ugly 
Too beautiful 
Too plain 
Too complicated 
Too sheltered 
Too damaged 
Too fragile 
Too tough 
Too big 
Too little 

~ The Edge ~

She sits on the edge of the cliff now 
Contemplating how 
She arrived at this moment 
The journey to which was slow yet swift 
Long yet impetuous 
Wholesome yet insidious 
Beautiful yet hideous 
But somehow she knew would arrive here …

~ Whole ~

I learned to love a man 
Before I learned to love myself 

I learned to abuse my body 
Before I learned the value of health 

I learned to please others 
Before I learned what turns me on 

I learned to…

~ The Pantry ~

I’m so hungry 

But there’s never anything nourishing to chew on around here 

I need to clean out the pantry of my mouldy old thoughts 

So many canned concepts 

Stacked high up on my shelves 

They’ve been there for years