~ The Moon is a Goddess & The Sun is a God ~

The Moon is a Goddess 
Sometimes she lights up the darkness 
Piercing through the sky 
Making you wonder why other times she hides away from you 
She has a cycle 
There is time to cleanse 
A time to parade 
A time to rest 
A time to renew 
No two nights does she ever illuminate in quite the same way 
But she is always majestic 
Whether she reveals only a slither of her neon heart 
Or a full dose of herself in all her glory 
Even if it’s her time to be away 
To not allow you to lay eyes on her 
You know she will eventually return 
And you will be happy to see her soft face 
And feel her eternally luminous loving glow 
The Moon is a Goddess 

The Sun is a God 
He rises from the same place 
Departs in the opposite direction 
He is most glorious in the morning 
And even if you’re not quite ready for his rise 
He will do so anyway 
Poking you with his warmth 
Never hesitates 
Never shies away from been seen 
It’s best you shy away though 
And not stare at his face for too long 
For if you do, when you look away 
You will see his shapes in everything else you look at 
For at least a while afterwards 
And wonder how he managed to infiltrate your vision 
He can make you cry 
He can burn you if give too much of yourself to him 
But he will nourish you if you find the right balance of separation & togetherness 
He can help you grow in every way 
With his loving light 
The Sun is a God

© Sahar' s Mad World

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