~ Found Someone ~

I finally found someone who 
Loves me 
Understands me 
Knows what I like 
Gives me what I need 
Puts me first 
Makes time for me 
Stimulates my mind 
Sets my soul free 
Nurtures my spirit 
Gets my creative juices flowing 
Challenges me 
Surprises me 
Impresses me 
Brings me joy 
Catches my tears 
Accepts me as I am 
Stands up for me 
Pushes me to be better 
Picks me up when I’m down 
Calms me down when I get too high 
Checks me out ‘cause I’m so fly 
Laughs at my jokes 
Cracks me up 
Shows me off 
Knows my worth 
Sees the limitless potential in me 
And isn’t afraid of it 

I have been searching for this person my entire life 
I’ve had this list written up in my mind for a long time 
Longing and looking in all the wrong places 
“Where is this life partner hiding?” 
I would ask the Universe 
Until I realised that 
The person who can give me all these things 
I will not find out there 
Until I find her in here 
She is Me 
I am She 
Together we move through this life 
My amazing life partner and I 
The One I have been longing for 

How did I expect to find someone to walk with me through life out there? 
When I couldn’t even bear to walk it with myself in here? 
I used to be afraid to walk alone 
But if I think about it 
I have always been alone 
Even throughout the times I tried to latch onto something that didn’t belong 
Just to relieve my solitude 
I was still alone 
Never lonely 
Because I was always with me 
But essentially alone 
Even though I had friends and family 
Who loved me through heartache 
The pain was felt alone 
The tears were cried in the dark stillness of the night 
Though I was not lonely 

Am I afraid to roam this earth alone? 
Sure I am 
But I don’t stop walking 
Sometimes I need to rest 
Or run 
Or fly 
Or swim 
But mostly I walk 
At my own pace 
Sometimes long distances 
Sometimes in circles 
Sometimes I jump hurdles 
I stroll 
I scurry 
I scramble 
Sometimes I even lay across the road for a while in sheer exhaustion 
Wondering: if someone ran me over 
Would I become free from this longing? 
But even in those times 
The will to keep moving lifts me up 
And I continue 
Somehow I am always in motion 
Like the ocean 
I create waves 
Everywhere I go 
I just have to keep going 
Keep growing 
Keep walking 
Keep driving 
Keep thriving 
But never lonely 
Because I am always with me 

Maybe the longing for another to share this life with will subside 
Maybe one day 
There will be someone out there 
But for now 
I still have the one in here 
She is I 
I am She 
Together we keep moving through this life 
But never lonely 
Just me and my amazing life partner 
The one who has always been there 
I vow to love, honour & be there for her 
Even though I walk alone 
I am never lonely

© Sahar' s Mad World

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