~ That Woman ~

The quintessential “too much” woman 
The “whistle blower” woman 
The “no I won’t sit down” woman 
The “no I won’t make myself small so you don’t feel threatened by my power” woman 
The “I won’t tolerate injustice in my presence” woman 
The “I will bravely hold the light to the truth even when it exposes my own shortcomings” woman 
The “I don’t want to fight, but I will always fight back” woman 
The “I am not afraid” woman 
This woman is “that” woman 
She has been labelled a mad woman 
She has been shunned as a hag woman 
She has been branded a whore woman 
She has been hung as a witch woman 
She has been called a bitch woman 
She is not a well-behaved woman 
She will not be an enslaved woman 
She is the High Priestess woman 
She is the free, fearless woman

© Sahar's Mad World

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