~ Don’t Look At Me ~

Don’t look at me 
I’m too real 
Too fake 
Too crazy 
Too normal 
Too different 
Too boring 
Too wild 
Too ugly 
Too beautiful 
Too plain 
Too complicated 
Too sheltered 
Too damaged 
Too fragile 
Too tough 
Too big 
Too little 
Too late 
Too early 
Too much of a good thing 
Too much of a paradox 
Too much for you to handle 
Too much hard work 
Don’t look at me! 
Don’t look at me! 
Don’t look at me! 

You might see me for what I really am 
A reflection of you 
My dark eyes might mirror the dark lies that you told 
My brown skin may have absorbed the sunshine that you stole 
The wideness of my smile may resound the wide hopes that you hold 
Don’t look at me 
Just glance and walk on by 
Because if you look too closely 
You might start to cry 
You might start to chip away at my being 
Reducing me from a trusted friend to a fiend 
So don’t look at me 
Don’t analyse my past 
Don’t predict my future 
Don’t make judgments about 
My life 
My work 
My worth 
My joy 
My hurt 
My decisions 
My transgressions 
My worldly exploits 
My possessions 
It matters not 
For everything you see 
Is not even me 
I simply hold up the mirror 
For you to observe your own reflection 
So whether you adore me 
As imperfect perfection 
Or scrutinise my flaws 
To the point of rejection 
I won’t take it personally 
Merely as your own projection 
And I’ll try not to do the same 
In my own outward introspection 

© Sahar' s Mad World

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