~ Sahar's Mad World Epiphany #642 ~

The true test of my faith is to learn to love the seemingly unlovable. 
It is one thing to make a beautiful blanket statement about it, but quite another to embody that love in the face of a situation where someone has purposely or perpetually hurt you, right? 

At the foreground of my mind, I keep the notion that I must strip myself of my false sense of entitlement from receiving any particular treatment from others. Despite my efforts. Despite my good intentions. Despite anything that I think I have "done" to "deserve" a particular outcome. Once I accept that the world owes me nothing, I can stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with my life's purpose. 

I must focus. Focus on what I am here to do. It is not my job to condemn or school others. My job here has little to with anyone at all. My job is going within. Going deep within to where all the questions are answered and all the answers are questioned. To create from that space between my physical body, my soul and my mind. The external world may experience my creations and they may be enhanced when the magic is harnessed in a collaboration with others, but I essentially work alone. That is my seed. That is me doing God's work: Creating. 

What does it mean to be Godly though, when interacting with the external world? What does it mean to be experiencing this physical realm from an enlightened state? I believe the answer is in my ability to forgive. What about the unforgivable? Where do I draw the line at forgiveness? The answer is: Anywhere I choose! 
It just depends how far I wish to ascend. 
God is simply Unconditional Love. 
Love has no end. It is ever-expanding. It is infinite. 
So by choosing to reserve my forgiveness only for those I deem to be "worthy" will become a self-inflicted glass ceiling to becoming Godly. 

I cannot say that I am there yet, but I am certainly aware of my glass ceiling these days. And I am not afraid of breaking some glass. Especially when I can see through it, and see that Love is on the other side of Fear.

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