~ Exit Sign ~

I took this photo of an exit sign today. It made me laugh at myself as I really feel I am the embodiment of this little green person dashing out the door. 
I started to think about how I don’t like to get myself into anything I can’t get out of. 
That’s why I don’t have kids. 
That’s why I don’t have tattoos. 
I always have an escape plan. 
I always like to know where the exits are. 
After all, if I never leave something behind, how will I know what else is out there? 
And I don’t believe there is any shame in changing my mind or wanting out of something I got into. 
My mind was not meant to be made UP. It was meant to be made OUT. 
Embracing the impermanence of life and all things & people within it, is the only way to avoid unnecessary suffering. 
But don’t get me wrong.. 
I still love fiercely 
And I still hurt deeply 
I’ve just learnt to run when it’s time to go 
Which helps me to recover quickly 
So that I can do it all over again! 
Helps to know where the exit signs are

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